Life Support and Subsequent Hospitalization

KL – Life Support and Subsequent Hospitalization

After several months in the acute care hospital and several more months in a long-term acute care facility, Kenny was discharged home. Although oxygen dependent he had returned to his premorbid mental capacity. He enjoyed watching sports with the son-in-law, playing games on the computer, and even taking a few computer courses. For six and half years Kenny stayed with his daughter and son-in-law.  He had at least two cardiac arrests from which he was resuscitated and required a pacemaker. He rebounded from each of these potential life-threatening catastrophes. More than one year before his death, Kenny was placed on hospice care with the anticipation of his demise within several months. He maintained his mental faculties and actually survived another 18 months before his death. I had been appointed his HealthCare Advocate to monitor and make his medical decisions, including 

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